Virtual-traditional cognitive stimulation

We are pioneers in the integration of software designed for people with ABI and/or neurodegenerative diseases combined with traditional cognitive stimulation techniques.

This favours adherence to therapy, promotes efficacy and motivation to continue with treatment, especially in people with a long period of cognitive rehabilitation.

We have programs to promote cognitive stimulation and neurorehabilitation that are based on augmented reality, adapting to the objectives that are approached from neuropsychology for the treatment of stroke, Parkinson’s, Head Trauma, Alzheimer’s, among other neurological disorders.

Cognitive stimulation is a set of activities aimed at maintaining or improving cognitive functioning in general, through memory exercises, perception, attention, concentration, language, executive functions such as problem-solving, planning, reasoning and control. Praxis and visuospatial functions, through structured stimulation programs.

That is, this treatment is based on stimulating and maintaining existing cognitive abilities, to improve or maintain cognitive functioning and delaying the deterioration that occurs continuously.

As the human being gets older, the organism changes inside and out, the cognitive capacities diminish over time in a different way in each individual more or less quickly.

Changes at the cognitive level can have different causes: such as problems associated with age, brain damage injuries such as stroke or head trauma or degenerative pathologies such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia with Lewy bodies, among others.

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estimulacion cognitiva virtual barcelona
estimulacion cognitiva barcelona
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